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Squiggle aims to be a delightful disjoint between form and function. It serves as a pot, vase, and canvas for glaze experimentation.

It all started with the Calathea Lancifolia or“rattlesnake plant”, pictured the above. I was looking for a planter that provided efficient drainage and was easy to re-pot. I wanted the vessel to be an abstraction of its contents.

I modeled the piece digitally and then moved to 3D-printing to create the plaster castings. I utilized the standard 4 inch plastic nursery pot to suspend the plant from Squiggle’s rim. Through slip casting, I was able to create endless aesthetic iterations. It was important to me that every squiggle was finished differently. While I had the opportunity to mass-produce, I experimented with variation, leaving each piece with an element of human touch. Squiggle ignited my interest in the chemistry of clay and glazes.   

This body of work explores On-Goes (slips) and Glaze combinations in high and low fire. I was able to achieve more solid punchy colors in low fire, but more fluid and transformative   surfaces in high fire. I could have made 40 red pieces, but I chose to experiment.

Behind the Scenes