CERAMICS  |   Squiggle
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Squiggle aims to be a delightful disjoint between form and function. It serves as a pot, vase, and canvas for glaze experimentation.

It all started with the Calathea Lancifolia or“rattlesnake plant”, pictured the above. I was looking for a planter that provided efficient drainage and was easy to re-pot. I wanted the vessel to be an abstraction of its contents.

I modeled the piece digitally and then moved to 3D-printing to create the plaster castings. I utilized the standard 4 inch plastic nursery pot to suspend the plant from Squiggle’s rim. Through slip casting, I was able to create endless aesthetic iterations. It was important to me that every squiggle was finished differently. While I had the opportunity to mass-produce, I experimented with variation, leaving each piece with an element of human touch. Squiggle ignited my interest in the chemistry of clay and glazes.   

This body of work explores On-Goes (slips) and Glaze combinations in high and low fire. I was able to achieve more solid punchy colors in low fire, but more fluid and transformative   surfaces in high fire. I could have made 40 red pieces, but I chose to experiment.

Behind the Scenes 

FURNITURE  |   Dahlia
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Building off of the grid system found in large department stores, this piece has a range of attachments and arrangements to conform to the requirements of the space and its users.

All of the parts above are the building blocks for infinite configuration and utility. The sides are free-standing, allowing them to be placed together or in tandem. I wanted to integrate curves to the design Inherently rejecting the idea of invisible design, and making room for personality.

Dahlia can change to fit different uses, while still maintaining a beautiful presence.

The wood elements are adaptable, I created a guide to allow users to make the beams to fit into their own unique living situations. 

I personally fabricated this model, and use it in my everyday life. This has allowed me to grapple with my design decisions and how I would approach new attachments and evolutions of this project.

Behind the Scenes!

MOIC  |   Swirl Ornament 
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While an intern at the museum of ice cream I was given a project to design an ornament for the holiday collection. I learned about the importance of designing for manufacture, clear and concise communication with vendors, and packaging.

I explored different holiday concepts. I wanted to create a piece that would be physically timeless, hopefully being an ornament that could be cherished for many years.  After going through our creative approval process, I was the POC with a manufacturer overseas to guide the process from sketches and 3D models into reality. I learned about working on a team, as well as the work it takes to bring a product to the consumer.

Museum of Ice Cream Website

You can view and purchase the Swirl Ornament on the MOIC Website



BAG DESIGN  |   Taboo
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This project aims to create a way to interject taboos into a public space.

            We interact with handles of various forms and functions on a daily basis. When they are designed well, the interaction is seamless. If people were to handle something taboo with the same thoughtlessness as a handle, it would lose its prohibition and transcend into discussion.

           This particular taboo collection is focused around women and their relationship to sex. While it seems common place for men to discuss their sex lives,  there is a prominent taboo around women discussing masturbation and sex with other women, let alone with men.


Instagram   |   Zoe.Herring